Ghost cat
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"Beautiful things don't ask for attention."
Sean O'Connell

We shall overcome
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"Realize that little things lead to bigger things. Who knows where some good little thing that you’ve done, may bring results years later that you never dreamed of."
Pete Seeger

I'm crazy and I know it
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"Never apologize for saying what you feel. That's like saying sorry for being real."
Jennifer Lawrence

Falling in and out of love
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'I see it a lot – this romantic view of the world where you fall in and out of love on a whim. It ignores the depth of trying to know another human being and respect them and love them, and puts in its place the excitement of an immediate intimacy. But really knowing some? That is such an opportunity.'
Natalie Portman

When things seem inevitable, you have to think they may not be.
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"Even when life seems a bad dream, you can think that it IS a bad dream,
and you may wake from it. It's what they can never take from you.
There's always hope..."
Loki - Journey into mystery #635

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"We have far more ability to do the extraordinary than we give ourselves credit for."
Hugh Jackman

Rockets to your face!
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"I'm Bilbo's cousin Tee, Tee Baggins!"
David Moss a.k.a Lasercorn

Potato salad
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"It isn't easy being a man, but it ain't easier to be a potatoman. That's for sure."
Felix Kjellberg a.k.a Pewdiepie

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"If we can't get justice, at least we got heroes."
Joss Whedon

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Let us go then, you and I,
when the evening is spread out against the sky
like a patient etherized upon a table;
let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
the muttering retreats.

Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
and sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells:
streets that follow like a tedious argument of insidious intent.
To lead you to an overwhelming question...
Oh do not ask, "What is it?"
Let us go and make our visit.
 The love song of J Alfred Prufrock - T.S. Eliot

John 117
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"No soldier should be honored for doing what is expected."
Master Chief

Nothing lasts forever
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"I'd rather die on my feet than live my life on my knees"
Papa roach - As far as I remember


I do what I want
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"What is my guilty pleasure? The thing is I never feel guilty about pleasures."
Tom Hiddleston

Why should we all take action?
2012-08-15 / 20:30:54 / Citat

"Because apathy is inhumane, and in order to end the suffering we have
perpetuated, we must all participate."

Olivia Wilde


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"Jag ser blixtar och dunder, då jag tittar inom mig.
Men bara lyckliga miner, då jag tittar omkring mig."

Be calm and assertive
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“Always be aware of your energy, it’s how you leave a positive impact on your world and the people around you. This is one small way to help make the world a better place each day.”
Cesar Millan

You are not going to take away our dreams
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If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything
Enter Shikari

Got an A -
2012-05-27 / 19:43:25 / Citat

"What's a minus but half of a plus, you know what I'm saying?"

For a living planet
2012-04-20 / 20:37:15 / Citat

"Sometimes, in the face of doubt we have to remember to hope and that we can make a difference."


Probably true
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- Men hur tror du samhället skulle se ut utan religion?
- Ja som nu, fast utan en massa sagoböcker.

Magnus Betnér

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